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    Ican Al Ihsan is a blog name owned by a loiterer named Cacan. He created this blog because he wants to have a public place to save personal notes which encompass various different categories which have been determined by Cacan. So, this blog content can be known that this blog will be good-hodgepodge categories.

    He actually realize there have been so many bloggers who have their same topics with this blog. A loiterer, having this blog, doesn't care if his blog will have many visitors or not, because he created this blog only to be as virtual space to save various notes which will be posts on this blog.

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    Ican Al Ihsan Blog uses a template which is designed by own self. the design of this blog haven't 100% perfect, because the owner wants to design the face of this blog being elegant at will without corrupt SEO of this blog.

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    Ican Al Ihsan

    Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia



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    Cacan is a blogger who likes to have friend with anyone which is regardless of his social status both religious status and economy. For him, to have many friends is a wonderful gift because they will help our sins being reduced and eliminating all the stupidity owned by us through the sharing without breaking religious rules we believe.

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